Sons of Father transformed with purpose

Pastor: Sixto Castillo

Exist a fighting between Willings. The past life was a life of death.

Need get a novel of transparency where focused in the sin of besides.

The son of God is engaged with the true of Word.

We must be thankful with the grace what God impart to their sons.

You are a master work for God.

If I feed the Spirit, that I convert in them that I feed you.

We have an enemy that him has a strategy for to distract.

Paul realize with rejoice:

Is which profound spiritual well being that is the Holy Spirit.

The happiness is not the result of external circumstances.

Koinonoia Be manifest between us relationship with the Father.

A son of God must preach daily to fight.

John 1:3

I believe you in the true of Bible. Include on the circumstances not pleasure.

Ephesians 1:3_4

In Christ We have made perfect .

You aren’t causality on the earth. You were collocated with a purpose.

Eliminate the chain of sensuality. Is in Christ where we are transformed.

1rst Peter 5:10

God is fishing a work in you, given it elder grade possible or goodness or excellence. Implies put on the higher the values and principals.

His truth love speaking of a genuine fatherhood.

What form fleshy and weakened.

Acts 9:15_16

This slowly tribulation would produced an elder weight of glory.