By Pastor : Yasser Rivas

1rst Corinthians 12:12-21

For major of believers the church must have mistaken concepts.


The local Church, the universal Church and the eternal dimension Church.

The local Church is that with stirred God is working .

The church has been equipped by God’s Grace.

Paul was still in his prisons. The focus that had the church was living in egoist individual form.

God come back the same purpose.

The Culture of Body of Christ

The Culture is which brought the expression of worship and language what identify some people.

The reality of Church of Corinthians they had lost the communion between them.

The purpose is not determined by I do it .

The individuality is not part of the body of Christ.

To love to God is demonstrated when us love one another.

Ephesians 4;22-24

The New man we operate in the righteousness and the old man is unrighteousness.

What is the relationship between the righteousness and the Culture of the of Christ?

The righteousness is the standard.

When all have violated the righteousness of God is not attractive for us.

The older man is more than a sinful nature. Is a race human.

Every human race born in the older Adam.

For us can to operate in that culture when us taken off the human nature. When us crucified our deceits.

Identified yourself the new nature in the life of another.

We pay attention to the new man no the older nature.

Acts 13:22

We are the Church of God.

We must see the other brother not like a competence unless as brothers.

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