The Spiritual Man Fifth teaching

Pastor: Yasser Rivas 1rst Corinthians 2:14

Paul wanted to attack the gnosticism. From there is where birth the tracedential meditation. Is not sufficient with to say is necessary to show up unless with manifestation with power.

The spiritual issues can’t to receive in the fleshy nature. Paul be centered in the to speaking in the spiritual issues for overcome that philosophy.

Paul came for the God’s wisdom for to teach over the design of God.

The first man was made living soul. But the last man was made living spiritual.

The soul is connected by the corp.

The intention of God is that the man return to be a spiritual being.

If the nature is the nature of Christ, determine which it that we are.

The spiritual man is that community what represent a new order.

The natural man only can to operate on a reality on earth.

Spirit in Hebrew is Ruah . Neumah is in Greek. 700 times.

The soul 800 times.

The flesh on based which 400 times, . On the old and the new testament 400 times. The word used is sarx.

We have been brought under the order of family.

The spiritual man represent a new creation.

The new nature search the things of God.

There is a battle between the old and the new nature.

The enemy of the new nature always will be the culture of the old man.

The flesh hasn’t related with the Spirit.

The incredibly is the principal enemy of the new nature.

Philippians 3:3

The spiritual man must cut off with the dependence of flesh.

The circumcision must circumcindance the eighth day.

Must learn to glory in Christ and in the power of his force.

Characteristics of the circumcision:

– Don’t put our trust on the flesh

– To glory us in Christ and in the power of his force

We need the Spirit and the Word.

A fleshly believer is who operate by the flesh sense.

The principal characteristic who are without Christ is who are walking in the vanity of their mind.

Philippians 3:4

Galatians 2:20

We need to crucified the flesh or the flesh we kill to us.

1rst Corinthians 15:45