The Spiritual man. Part 10 TH

Pastor: Yasser Rivas

2nd September 2018

Pastor : Yasser Rivas

2nd Corinthians 2:14-15

– Spiritual man

– Natural man

– Fleshy man

The natural man hasn’t spiritual intelligence. The community of Corinth was a fleshy man. The life in the Spirit, was added by God. The life in the Spirit is more than a group of rules.

The nature of Nicodemus is the same that impede to understand to God.

The natural man is completely incapacitated.

The Church is called for to manifest the reality on the earth.

The truth impact the Christ is in the corporative not in the individual. We are moved from Adam to Christ. All is threatened over Christ. All is corporative.

The man be has become in a beast.

God is looking for where started.

The eternal is not reflected in the body.

The man is living like an animal.

The life in the Spirit can to overcome the animal nature.

We are the body of Christ.

We must do as Church with us have.

The Church as to live like a family.

We have to express the Christ’s gospel.

We are body and family.

The Church of Christ is that to express the nature of Christ.

Paul understood the God’s purpose in his life.

1rst Corinthians b1:1_9

1) The Eternity of God

2) The position that We have in Christ

3) We are members one to another

2nd Corinthians 5:16_18