The purpose of redemption

Pastor: Yasser Rivas

1rst Peter1:13

The purpose of this letter was to strength who hadn’t a place in this place.

We haven’t a fixed place. The temporal must be absorbed by the eternal. The difference between sober and drunk is that the first walk only an address but the drunk isn’t do it.

As the Lord who called is Holy, we have to be holy.

The material is influenced by the fallen Adam. But for Christ we have the redemption. The Spirit administrate the corp that with the first Adam was lost.

The body was doing perfected by Christ.

1) We must be holy as Who called is holy.

2) That is not reached by proper effort unless by a change nature.

The Grace of God let manifest that Holiness.

To redeem is to pay a price by someone.

God paid our freedom. We aren’t slave of law nor sin.

Everything began by grace and finish by the Grace of God.

Genesis 1:25_26

The redemption is the solution to the sin .The redemption in Christ is complete. Must manifest in complete form. All redeemed must manifest in a change.

The identity was thrown down to us . The identity is re taken have most value to the eternal in the material.

The author of our redemption is Jesus Christ.

The blood of Jesus:

1) Must be free of sin

2) Must be free human precedence

3) We must be connected with the divine nature.

1) redemption

2) reconciliation

3) Propitiation

Romans 6:4

We have to hate the sin and to love Our Lord.

The suffering is by a shot time.

That redemption was effected by blood of Jesus Christ, not by gold or silver.

We mustn’t adopt to that system.